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Ordinance for the Placement and/or Replacement of Private Driveways

Ordinance to Establish and Regulate a Fee to Defray Administrative and Enforcement Costs for Building Permits

Ordinance of the Adoption of Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code

Ordinance of Town Solid Waste Disposal

Code of Ordinances - Road Construction and Acceptance

Ordinance Relating to Confidentiality of Income and Expense Records

The following Ordinances & Resolutions can be requested directly from the Town:

   1. Inter-Governmental Cooperation Agreement.
   2. Joint Fire Protection Agreement – Town of Bear Lake / Village of Haugen
   3. Mining Moratorium.
   4. Nuclear Waste Moratorium.
   5. Federal Property Resolution.
   6. Sea Planes Prohibited on Bear Lake .
   7. Pulp or Log Loading in Town of Bear Lake Right of Way .
   8. Public Utility Placement in Right of Way.

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