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November 14, 2018 November Budget Meeting

November 14, 2018 Budget Meeting Town of Bear Lake
Budget meeting for 2019 budget called to order at 6:00 pm by Chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed in the Rice Lake Chronotype, Town Shop, and Town Web Page and at the Chairman and Clerks homes.
Present: Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Pam Gannon and Linda Wiese.
Board reviewed budget, Dennis Willger makes motion to accept the proposed 2019 budget, 2nd by Steve Schultz. No further discussion. All in favor of the 2019 budget, all motion carried.
Meeting adjourned 6:25 pm
Public Budget meeting on the proposed 2019 budget called to order by Chairman Paul Toft at 6:25 pm.
Present Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Pam Gannon, Linda Wiese, Randy Mancl and Jerry Kaczmarek.
This meeting was noticed in the Rice Lake Chronotpye, Town Web Page, Town Shop and at the clerk and chairman’s homes.
Budget was presented to the public in attendance no comments made.
Public meeting closed at 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order to finalize the 2019 levy and budget at 6:31 pm
Meeting noticed in the Rice Lake Chronotpye, Town Shop, Town Web Page and at the Clerk and Chairman’s homes.
No changes to the proposed levy or 2019 budget. Steve Schultz makes a motion to accept the 2019 levy and budget. 2nd by Dennis Willger, no further discussion all in favor motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 6:40 pm

Paul Toft, Chairman______________________________________________________________

Pam Gannon, Clerk_______________________________________________________________


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