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September 8, 2021 September 8 Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2021 Town of Bear Lake Meeting Mins.
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed at the town shop, on the town web page and this is our regular scheduled night and time.
Present: Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Dave Wellsandt, Lisa Blechinger and Kathy Willger
Meeting minutes from August 11,21 meeting were read by the clerk. Paul makes a motion to accept the mins. 2nd by Dave no further discussion motion carried.
No Appearances
Town Road report: Clint Scribner fractured a bone in his foot jumping out of the grader on 8/19/21 and has been out non-weight bearing on that foot since. It was reported that Clint goes to see his Doctor the following Monday and it was thought that he might be back if not full time - it might be part time in the coming weeks. There were no roads reports given. There was some discussion about needing to make other arrangements for mowing if Clint isn’t back in the next couple of weeks.
Treasure’s report and August bills were read by Kathy and Dave makes a motion to accept the reports 2nd by Paul, no further discussion motion carried.
Old Business: Tractor repair- The tractor is fixed and still at Baribau Implement- with Clint being out no resolution was made in regards to who will pick up the tractor and when.
New Business: Alan Gabriel brought a new estimate from Monarch Paving that outlined the cost and scope of work for an 800 X 20 foot section of road to be paved with hot mix asphalt to an average thickness of 2 inches in front of his home from the existing asphalt past fire #2672 for a total of $17,890.00. Mr. Gabriel would pay for the cost of paving and the Town agreed to maintain the road should he follow through with the project next spring.
CCF Loan- Paul reported that he called CCF to get information about a loan and was told he wasn’t an administrator on the account. Lisa also reported that she called CCF Credit Services to see if there was a balance due on the account for the credit card that Clint carries and she was told that only Clint Scribner is an administrator on that account.
Steve made a motion for the Board to authorize that the Chairman, Supervisors, Clerk and Treasurer have direct contact with CCF for purposes of obtaining information on behalf of the Town for any loan or credit accounts- this was seconded by Dave no other discussion- the motion carries. Paul will work with CCF to ensure that the entire board be given administrative access on any CCF loans or credit accounts for business purposes.
Steve reported that Randy Mancl doesn’t own a crusher anymore- it sounds like he has a crushing service lined up to come in now instead- we will be purchasing gravel in Jan, Feb and March for use in 2022.
Paul reports that the Rice Lake Fire Department has expressed interest in taking on 911 calls for the City of Rice Lake. He reported that Marshfield is going to the City Council Meeting in October to give feedback as to why they believe the Fire Department should not being given a contract to be the first point of contact for 911 calls for Rice Lake.
The Wisconsin Towns Association conference in October- registration is due by 9-21-21. Lisa collected the registration forms for Paul, Dave and Kathy and will send in one check for all 3 by the deadline. Each of them will need the Tax Exempt Certification Form sent to them for their hotel registrations- Lisa agreed to email this out to each of them.
Payment of bills
Next meeting October 13th, 2021 at 7:00 pm
Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm
Paul Toft, Chairman___________________________________________________________
Lisa Blechinger, Clerk__________________________________________________________


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