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September 13, 2017 September Meeting Mins.

September 13, 2017

Town of Bear Lake Meeting Mins.
Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by Chairman. Meeting was noticed on the Town Web Page and at the Town shop.
Members Present, Steve Schultz Paul Toft Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon
Meeting Mins. From August 9th 2017 were read by clerk and accepted as presented.
Public Appearances: Jim Weber is here regarding a driveway permit and culvert. After discussion that the culvert would have to be a 30 foot culvert Jim decided to take his permit and check back and not put in the driveway.

Road Report: 763 yards of gravel have been hauled to the North End of Narrow Gauge, 16th St and 26 1/2. Steve makes recommendation to keep 200 yards on hand for wash outs.
Clint has been grading and mowing.
Town Truck Update: The materiel is all in at Rousars and they plan to start next week. They would like to have 50% down payment as agreed upon earlier. Steve makes a motion to write a check tonight for $37,250.00 for ½ of the equipment charge. 2nd by Paul no further discussion all in favor motion carried.
Treasures report given by Linda and approved as presented
August bills were read and approved as paid.
Old Business: Who owns the fire hall. Mins were read by Clerk from Special meeting of Town of Bear Lake and Village of Haugen. Bryan Thompson has signed the quick claim deed and once it is recorded the records will show ownership as 25% Village of Haugen and 75% Town of Bear Lake on the land and building.
TM title did the quick Claim deed at no charge however there is a $55.00 recording fee. Steve makes a motion the Town of Bear Lake pay the full amount of the recording fee. 2nd by Paul, no further discussion, all in favor motion carried.
Lake 30 boat landing, There is atleast a 3 foot wash out that needs to be address. Clint has been in contact with the DNR office and they gave him the name of Dean Harrington and Clint has a call into him and we will wait to hear back from him.
New Business: Final payment of the fire hall to V and S construction. Steve makes a motion to pay the balance of $20,006.79 to V and S construction, 2nd by Paul no further discussion all in favor motion carried.
Don Thomas is here to have a sanitation permit signed. Steve makes a motion to sign the permit 2nd by Paul no further discussion all in favor motion carried.
Drive way Permit for WM bennet is signed by Paul.
Mike Judy is here from Barron CTY Emergency Services to give a better explantion on the new Emergency response team.

Levy Limit is discussed and we will increase levy limit in indebtness for the firehall only at this time.
Clint will be calling regarding salt for the upcoming winter season.
Payment of bills
Next meeting Oct. 11 at 7 pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:21 pm
Paul Toft, Chairman__________________________________________________________

Pam Gannon, Clerk___________________________________________________________


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