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October 18, 2011 October 2011 Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2011. The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Chariperson Paul Toft. The minutes of the September 12, 2011 meeting were read by the treasurer. Minutes approved as read. Notice of the meeting was posted in the Rice Lake Chronotype and Town Shop. All members present.
Treasurer’s and road reports were given. 29 ¼ was shouldered but may need more and the bridge work has been completed on 24th Avenue.
The new ditch mower is not yet completed but is anticipated to be here in early November.

Steve Schultz reported on the town property that has been in question. Nothing can be found at the county level that the town signed the land over to the land owners previously. A motion was made by Steve Schultz to have the Town of Bear Lake by agreement give town properties without value to the adjacent property owners making them taxable property. The motion was seconded by Dennis Williger and the motion was carried.

An offer to buy lake access on 29 ¼ but town resident was discussed and cannot be done at this time.

Steve Schultz also discussed the TRIP funding now replaced by the LRIP program. Money will be given to the county to distribute to the towns and villages in 2012 and 2013 for road projects. Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2012 with a list of upcoming road projects which can include 2011 work due to short time requirements.


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