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October 15, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Monthly Meeting Minutes Town of Bear Lake October 15, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 8 pm by Chairman Paul Toft. The meeting was posted in the Chronotype and at the town shop.

Members present, Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz Pam Gannon and Linda Wiese.

Meeting Minutes from the September Meeting were read by Pam and accepted as presented

Public Appearances: none

Road Report : 26th Ave is ground and graveled.
12th Clint has put 4 loads of gravel on 12th st. and he states that he needs to some rock on 12th to make it passable.
Work is being done on 12th St at the same time as Lakeland Township and Mark Erickson Excavating will be billing Bear Lake for their portion. Paul will meet with Bob Jerry regarding blacktopping of 12th st.
The turn arounds have been fixed by winter camp, 14th and the turn around by Jim Weber’s cabin.
Road report needs to be in by November 15th, Clint is asked to get a report of work done to town roads to Steve.
Paul asks that Clint write on the calendar what work he does each day.
Steve makes a motion for Chairman to purchase up to 3 loads of salt from Iron Horse Trucking, Dennis 2nd the motion, all in favor motion carried.
Town of Bear Lake will pay for salt and then be reimbursed by Village of Haugen
Clint states that the truck is fixed. He will continue to mow ditches.
Treasurer’s report given by Linda and accepted as presented
Old Business: 3 bids were received by Paul for pulverizing 26th. A 1 $6,640.00
Monarch $5,985.00 Barron CTY $4,341.00 Paul accepted the bid from Barron CTY.
IRS Update 2010 Pam will contact the IRS after January 1st 2014
New Business: Ordinance to pay certain bills between Meetings. 1st Reading
Steve makes a motion to approve 1st reading and have a 2nd at the November meeting. 2nd by Dennis All in favor, motion carried.
Started work on the 2014 proposed budget.
Payment of bills
Next meeting will be Tue. November 12th in the town shop at 7pm
1st Public Budget Meeting
2nd Monthly meeting
3rd Finalize and approve 2014 budget.
Meeting adjourned at 10:02 pm

Paul Toft Chairman________________________________________
Pam Gannon Clerk________________________________________


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