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November 9, 2022 October 12 2022 Meeting Minutes

Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes 10/12/2022
Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed at the town shop and on the town web page. Members Present: Dave Wellsandt, Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Kathy Willger and Lisa Blechinger.
Meeting minutes from September were read by clerk and accepted as read motion by Steve 2nd by Dave no further discussion motion carried.
Public Appearances None
Report on roads- Randy Mancl- roads in good shape. Cut roads on the right of way- need to sharpen the blades for the mower regularly. Al Gabriel finished the shoulder where the new road is. Fire signs- there are several them that need to be installed still. Reported salt is coming next week- he will mix new salt/sand supply. He is going to wait on cutting trees down for 2022 or wait to see what the budget looks like at the end of this year. It was reported that there is going to be a power substation upgrade through Barron Electric that will start if not yet this year- in 2023.
Treasurer’s Report- Kathy - Money Market Savings and checking account balances reviewed and September bills were reviewed as paid. Steve made a motion to accept the report was seconded by Dave- no further discussion all in favor motion carried. Paul Toft recommended any deposits going forward into the account at Dairy State be made into the Money Market so that we earn a higher yield.
Old Business- Potential levy increase discussed again- Paul stated that there was not going to be a special levy increase for 2023. He also brought up town employee handbook that has not yet been drafted. Written standards of conduct covering conflicts of interest Paul brought up- this will stay on the agenda and be brought up next month.
New Business- New town employee- Paul made a motion to hire Randy Blechinger for the road patrolman position- this was seconded by Steve. No further discussion- all in favor the motion carries. Mr. Blechinger will start on 11-1-2022. Snow plow- with the budget for the year appeared as though there were funds to purchase a used plow for the 1 ton to save wear and tear on the big plow truck. Steve made a motion for the town to purchase a used Hinniker plow from Tanner Schwanke. A wiring harness and bracket need to be purchased as well as material to have this installed. Dave seconded this- no additional discussion- all in favor the motion carried. Mosiac- fiber optic lines are being trenched in and homeowners are receiving letters.
Resolution to sponsor firefighter retirement was also brought forward- the clerk had not printed the information off but was able to pull up on her laptop. There were questions about what our financial responsibility might be for this- and how much/how long would we be required to continue sponsorship and if it would be possible to back out in the future. Steve wanted to table this for now until we can get more answers. The clerk was asked to send an email to Brandon to ask for more clarification. It was determined that at 6pm on Wed 11-9-22 at 6 pm the Board will meet to review the Towns Budget- immediately followed by the Public Hearing of the proposed 2023 budget. That will be immediately followed by a Special Town Board Meeting to adopt the 2023 Levy and Budget.
Payment of bills.
Next Meeting November 9, 2022 immediately following a meeting to adopt the 2023 Levy and Budget.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:27 pm.

Paul Toft; Chairman___________________________________________ Date_____________________

Lisa Blechinger, Clerk __________________________________________ Date_____________________


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