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November 17, 2021 November 17 Meeting Minutes

Town OF Bear Lake Meeting Mins. 11/17/2021
Meeting called to order at 6:53 pm by chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed at the town shop as well as the Rice Lake Chronotype as this meeting was changed from the usual night and time.
Members present: Paul Toft, Dave Wellsandt, Steve Schultz, Lisa Blechinger and Kathy Willger
Meeting mins. From October meeting read by clerk and accepted with 1 small correction – changing Dairy State Bank to Citizen Community Federal Bank in the 2nd paragraph under new business.
Appearances- Mike Polichina appeared to discuss a sanitary permit for the property where the old cheese factory used to be. Steve made a motion to accept the sanitary permit for this property- it was seconded by Dave no further discussion the motion carried.
Report on town roads: Clint was able to get the roads flattened out. The salt and sand is mixed and ready. The snow tires for the grader have been delivered and Nobels Tire will be out to the shop to swap out the tires on Thursday 11-18-21. There was road incident on Friday 11-12-21. A concerned citizen called the clerk stating that on 29 ½ Ave on the south side of the road before 1724 someone slid off the road and branches were down. The clerk got ahold of Clint to have him check it out. The sheriff called Clint after the clerk had called him to apprise him of the situation where a garbage truck swerved then hit and sheared off 5 trees. Nobody injuries resulted in the mishap. A permit to construct a new driveway was submitted by Matt Isaacs- the fee was given to the treasurer to deposit.
Treasures report: Money market and checking account balances reviewed and October bills were read as paid. Dave makes a motion to accept the report and 2nd by Steve no further discussion motion carried.
Old Business: Clint and the CCF Credit Card with his information connected to it. The decision was made to have Clint call and close out the credit card. Steve made a motion that in the future Clint makes a purchase at an establishment without a Town account he can send those bills for reimbursement to the town Clerk for reimbursement. This motion was seconded by Dave- no further discussion the motion carries.
Baribeau Bill- it was decided to hold onto this bill until January 2022.
Town Advocacy Council- Paul had recommended that the Town consider joining. Dave to get more information and bring to the next meeting.
Mosiac Update- Mosiac is moving forward with the broadband expansion. It will need to be determined if this project qualifies to spend ARPA funds on.
New Business: Fire protection ratio - Bear Lake currently has a 75% share of fire protection costs while Haugen has 25%. Steve was approached by a board member from the Village of Haugen- who suggested that Bear Lake should have a bigger share and Haugen a smaller share based on growth. Steve stated that Haugen is where the fire hall is and a fire in that village has a better chance of the home being salvaged as opposed to homes in the Town of Bear Lake having only their basement salvaged. It was brought up that Stanfold Township was able to get a 1% municipal loan from Dairy State Bank some time ago- Steve agreed to explore option of refinancing with Dairy State Bank.
Payment of November bills. Kathy was given a blank check #9466 as she needed to write out a check for dog tags and she was not sure how much it would be. It was decided to wait until next month to determine if a short-term loan should be secured to end the 2021 year based on bills receipted and taxes deposited.
Next meeting December 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:11 pm
Paul Toft, Chairman___________________________________________________________
Lisa Blechinger, Clerk__________________________________________________________


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