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May 15, 2013 Latest Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2013
Meeting called to order by Paul Toft at 8pm.
Members present, Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon.
Notice was placed in the Rice Lake Chronotype and on bulletin board at town shop.
Meeting Minutes from the April monthly meeting were read by Pam Gannon and accepted as presented.
Public Appearance: Donner Dostal states that there is a wash out on 17th St near 26th Ave and would like to know when the town can take care of this or if he can do something about it. Discussion on what could be done and Clint will take care of this when he returns from sick leave.
Jerry Kaczmarek wants to know if they will be painting lines on landing.
Contract with Owen Assessing Contract will be a 3 year contract starting January 1, 2014 with $941.67 monthly installments for 36 months for a total of $33,900.00. Steve Schultz makes motion to accept contract, 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor motion carried.
Road Report: Clint is out on sick leave. We will be unable to grade roads until we get some rain.
16th Street near Lance Ritchie’s has something sticking out and there is a red ribbon on it. Dennis Willger will go there tomorrow morning and check on this.
Dead tree hanging over road by Poor Folks.
There has been a lot of cutting of trees on Narrow Gauge.
Steve will check with a contractor he knows who owns a skid steer and sweeper and see what it would cost to sweep by boat landing.
Road Tour report: Will be crack sealing 5 miles worth of road. There will be additional gravel on roads with 3 roads needing a lot of gravel.
Need to save money to redo 2 miles of 26th ave.
3 culverts will be replaced 2 on 29th Ave.
Boy Scouts will be cutting trees on 29th ave to 16th East as they would like the firewood.
Treasures report presented by Linda Wiese and accepted as presented.
New Business: Split Poll Workers Ordinance was read and motion made by Steve Schultz to accept and 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor, motion carried.
ATV Route # 3 was read and a motion by Dennis Willger to approve as amended and 2nd by Steve Schultz, all in favor, motion carried.
Approval of Liquor License and Tobacco License for Shady Rest Campground $200.00 for Liquor License and $5.00 for Tobacco License. Also bartenders license were approved and they will be $5.00. Dennis Willger made a motion to accept and 2nd by Steve Schultz, all in favor, motion carried.
Review of 2010 through 2012 Federal Tax Forms were discussed. Paul would like a copy of all fees and interest charged during this time frame. Final 941 for the 3rd quarter of 2010 was sent out on Saturday May 11th 2013. We now have to wait and see if we will get some of the $10,000.00 levy place on our act.
Paul Toft states as far as we can tell nothing criminal has been done, it is a matter of incompetence.
Roger Britton has applied to a new driveway permit. Clint has met with Roger and discussed what he needs to do.
A new map has been purchased for the Town Shop and Linda will take it home and Larry will build a frame around it with plexy glass.
Payment of bills.
Next meeting date is on hold it will either be June 11 or 18th.
Closed Session to discuss town employee’s compensation.
Motion has been made by Steve Schultz to raise Clint Scribners pay to $800.00 a week Salary. This will be retroactive to January 1st, 2013. 2nd By Dennis Willger all in favor, motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm


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