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May 11, 2022 May Meeting Minutes

Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes 05/11/2022
Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed at the town shop and on the town web page. Members Present: Dave Wellsandt, Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Kathy Willger and Lisa Blechinger.
Meeting minutes from April were read by clerk and accepted as read.
Report on roads- Clint reported 1 soft spot up at Narrow Gauge. As soon as it rains, he will get out with the grader to smooth out the roads. Trees have been cut and the weight ban has been lifted. Patti Anderson asked if anyone knew why there were road work trucks off 18th and SS- it was discussed that it was most likely County Trucks working on roads they have jurisdiction over.
Treasurer’s Report- Kathy - Money Market Savings and checking account balances reviewed and April bills were reviewed as paid. Steve made a motion to accept the report was seconded by Dave- no further discussion motion carried.
Old Business- Paul discussed talking points in regards to a potential levy increase in the future to keep up with expenses that were brought up at the Annual Meeting in an effort to help the Town stop falling behind financially. Grant writing was once again brought up and briefly discussed with no resolution at this point.
BPI FY 2022 funding- there is a webinar coming up and Steve stated he planned to listen in to see if anything pertains to towns that would be beneficial.
New Business- Barron County Highway Service Agreement sent by the County for the board to sign and send back. Steve made a motion to accept, sign and return the service agreement this was seconded by Dave the motion carried.
Sale of Tractor- there has been one bid submitted for the CASE IH Tractor from Leader’s Farm Equipment, LLC out of Everett, PA for $60,000.00. Steve made a motion to accept the offer it- it was seconded by Dave motion carries. The clerk will facilitate communication with this company to secure funds and have the company contact Clint once arrangements can be made for transport.
Two sanitary permits were reviewed- it was determined that there is nowhere on the sanitary permit forms for the board to sign off on. The requests to approve sanitary permits for Chad & Shabree Paulson and Charles Highland were taken action on- Steve made a motion to accept the septic plans, this was seconded by Dave the motion carried.
Alternate BOR- Paul Toft made a motion to elect Lisa Blechinger and Kathy Willger, as alternate BOR members in the future should it become necessary. Steve seconded this- all in favor the motion carries.
Land Division for Hanson family- Surveyor John Ripley submitted town checklist for CMS and plat subdivisions. Steve made a motion to accept and sign off on this document, this was seconded by Dave. All in favor motion carried. The chairman signed this and returned directly to Mr. Ripley who agreed to send a copy of this to the clerk for our records.
Island City Turf 2022 Mowing pre-pay contract. Steve made a motion that this contract be approved and the pre-pay amount be paid, this was seconded by Dave all in favor the motion carried. Paul sign off on the contract.
It was stated that the clerk position will be reviewed at the June Meeting and discussed in close session.
Payment of bills.
Next Meeting June 8, 2022 at 7 pm.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:19 pm.
Paul Toft; Chairman____________________________________________ Date_____________________

Lisa Blechinger, Clerk __________________________________________ Date_____________________


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