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May 11, 2016 May 2016 Meeting Mins.

May 11, 2016 Monthly Meeting Minutes
Town of Bear Lake Monthly Meeting
Meeting was called to order at 8pm by chairman.
Members present: Paul Toft, Steve Shultz, Dennis Willger, Pam Gannon and Linda Wiese.
Meeting notice posted on Town web page and at town shop.
April meeting minutes were read by clerk, approved as read.

Public appearance: Mike Judy, Director of Emergency Services is here to introduce himself. He has replaced Todd Volk.
Town road report:
627 yards of gravel hauled on 17th. Will be grading tomorrow.
Paul did not send out letters but has talked to Don Dostal, the Raatz’, as well as Dean and Sue Hanson and they are in agreement to have trees trimmed. Paul talked to Peterson Tree Service. Paul needs to talk to Luke Matthews as well.
Dennis also had a call from Mike Greenwald regarding a neighbor’s, Ken Parker, tree that is hanging over the campground. Paul states he will look into it.
New truck will be discussed at later date.
Treasurer’s report read by Linda and April bills read as paid. Reports accepted as presented.
Old Business:
-ATV Committee Report given by Jim Weber. He has map showing where road signs need to be posted.
Paul states we need an ordinance.
Posts: Jim Weber is asking the township to help pay for posts, as they will be getting donations for the signs.
Paul states after annual meeting it is clear all roads need to be opened. Steve asked the question about putting it on referendum. Paul feels we need to move it forward.

Ordinance needs to be published twice, also digger’s hot-line will need to be contacted.
Paul makes a motion that Town of Bear Lake will be opening all township roads for ATV/UTV use after the proper ordinances are passed. ATV committee is responsible to pay for the signs and placement of the signs. Town chairman will appoint someone to assist sign installation, 2nd by Dennis. No further discussion. Dennis and Paul in favor, Steve not in favor. Motion carried.

-Joint Powers Agreement
Steve makes a motion to approve, 2nd by Dennis. No further discussion, All in favor, motion carried.

-Board of Review May 17th from 6 to 8pm.
New Business:

-Jeffrey Lindl and Robin Lindl are here for a driveway permit.
If they get holding tank permit, Steve makes motion for chariman to sign prior to next meeting. 1st Steve, 2nd by Dennis. No further discussion, motion carried.

-Scrub Seal 24th to 25th Ave. Steve and Clint meet with Brad Dostal and reviewed roads. Fahrner has a new product: scrub seal. This product replaces crack sealing and chip sealing. Steve makes a motion to hire Fahrner to scrub seal 18th st from 24th to 25th. Bid price is $23,985. 2nd by Dennis, no further discussion. All in favor, motion carried.

-Dennis makes motion to fix bridge decks on 24th Ave and 17th St. Steve 2nd, all in favor. Motion Carried. Cost is $1,375 and Insurance certificate is provided.

-Approve to borrow $400,000 for fire hall. Paul makes a motion to approve fire hall project and to select Citizens Community Bank at 2.7% as our lender. 2nd by Dennis, all voted in favor, motion carried.

-Payment of bills

-Next meeting June 8th at 8pm.

Meeting adjourned at 9:35


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