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May 10, 2017 May 2017 Meeting Mins

May 10, 2017 Meeting Mins. Town of Bear Lake
Meeting was called to order at 7:15 pm by Chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed on the Town Web Page and at the Town Shop.
Members present all
April Meeting mins were read by Clerk and accepted as presented
Town Road Report, Clint states that there is nothing new to report.
New Town Truck: There are 2 proposals on the truck, they are from River states and Myers.
Myers proposal on the truck is $85,655.00 River States $85,852.00
Steve makes a motion to purchase the truck from Myers International, 2nd by Dennis No further discussion, motion carried.
Myers $77,697.00 Monroe $72,104.00 Universal $74,336.00 and Rousers $74,675.00 after discussion Steve makes a motion to accept the bid from Rousers for $74,675. 2nd by Dennis no further discussion motion carried.
Discussion on Farnhar repairing 18th street from 24th ave to 25th. This will be at no cost to the town. Dennis makes a motion to accept the offer Steve 2nd no further discussion, motion carried.
Treasures report given by Linda and approved as presented.
Old Business Who owns the fire hall: The property details still need to be worked out and Paul recommends that the Village and Town have a meeting together.
Health Reimbursement Board has decided to hold on this until there is better clarification on the rules.
Final Fire Hall Payment: Chairman states that we will hold final payment until the painting is complete.
Manure Pumping Ordinance : Will hold and be on June agenda.

New Business: The fire hall will completing the annual audit.
Jim Heldstab Blg. Inspector is retiring. Steve has been in contact with Daryl Dostal of Tall pines and he would entertain the idea of taking on Bear Lake. This will be on the June agenda.
Dennis makes a motion that the chairman and sign purchase agreements for Myers International and Rousar welding if they come before the next meeting. 2nd By Steve. No further discussion motion carried.
Payment of bills, Next meeting une 14th at 7 pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm
Paul Toft Chairman____________________________________________________________________
Pam Gannon Clerk____________________________________________________________________


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