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March 9, 2022 March 9, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes 03/09/2022

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed at the town shop and on the town web page.
Members Present: Dave Wellsandt, Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Kathy Willger and Lisa Blechinger.
There were no appearances.
Meeting minutes from February read by clerk and accepted as read.
Report on roads- Clint it rained the other day. He is hoping to have enough salt and sand to finish off the winter weather. Regarding posting the roads- Steve and Clint will decide when the roads should be posted and the signs will go up at that time. No trees have been cut- Randy Mancl has been out of town returning possibly tonight.
Treasurer’s Report- Kathy - Money Market Savings and checking account balances reviewed and February bills were reviewed as paid. Steve made a motion to accept the corrected report was seconded by Dave- no further discussion motion carried.
Old Business- discussion continued about potential levy increase in the future to keep up with inflation. Due to our size legal notices are not required as long as we post most things on our web page and town shop. Discussed putting a classified notice in the early bird paper to notify as many people as possible about the Annual Meeting and BOR- the clerk will set this up as classified notice as opposed to legal notice and run for 2 consecutive weekend early bird editions prior to the annual meeting.
BPI- an 80/20 grant program for roads. A discussion ensued about needing to find someone to apply for grants. Kathy knows a woman named Vicky who used to write grants for universities and was going to talk to her and see if she might be interested.
When the clerk pulled together all of the documents for the 2021 Town Audit one of the questions that was on the list of needed documents was any intergovernmental emergency management agreements. This was discussed and determined that these agreements possibly have not been updated since they were initially set up.
New Business- Wisconsin Towns District Meeting that provides the training that is required for Board of Review certification. Paul submitted his registration for clerk to send payment- Kathy might be able to attend also. The meeting is in Cumberland on Friday April 8th.
Tractor- the mower needs to be removed as the tractor will be worth more without the mower. The mower will be removed and discarded.
A new storage closet for election equipment and supplies was unveiled in time for the Spring election will on 4-5-22. Only the Chairman and Clerk will hold keys for the election equipment storage space.
Payment of bills.
Next Meeting April 13, 2022 at 7 pm.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 pm.

Paul Toft; Chairman____________________________________________ Date_____________________

Lisa Blechinger, Clerk __________________________________________ Date_____________________


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