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June 18, 2013 June Meeting Minutes

June 18 2013 Monthly Meeting Town Of Bear Lake

Meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm by Chairman Paul Toft.
Notice was placed in the Rice Lake Chronotype and at the town shop.
Meeting minutes were read from the May meeting by Pam Gannon and accepted as presented.
Members Present: Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon.
Road report: Clint states that all roads are graded except to Scout Camp. Gravel has been put on 27th. The big culvert on 29th has been replaced. Patch mix is coming this week and will fill hole on 26th Ave. and also 2 holes on 13th St.
Public Appearances: Jerry Kaczmarek is wondering if the mower is working and if the painting of lines will be done on the landing.
Town Roads: Crack Sealing will be starting and Steve will put a notice in the paper.
Clint states that they quit using the 2 way radio due to the tower. Wondering if we want to replace, board decided not to replace due to cell phone.
Treasure Report was read by Linda Wiese and accepted as presented.
Old Business: Ordinance to destroy old town records was read.
ATV Extension will need to send copies to the State, DNR, Russ Fell and to Barron CTY Sheriff’s dept. Steve will take care of this.
Update on 2010 and 2012 Tax’s. We have received a small refund for 2012. 2010 is still being worked on, Pam is to call the IRS back on 6/20/13 to see what the status is.
Credit Card discussion. Jennifer Dostal is the only person able to call the Credit Card Co. to see what the charges on and to have this inactivated. Steve will contact Jennifer and have her come to his store and call from there.
Don Uchytil still has not sent a bill for the light he installed, Dennis will contact him regarding this.
16th St. near Lance Ritchie’s house, had a rod sticking out of the road and Dennis has taken care of that.
Tree that was hanging over road by Poor Folks is also taken care of.
Steve checked with contractor regarding skid steer and sweeper, however his skidsteeer is broken down now. Board states that we have had enough rain as of late so not to worry about this.
Trees by Winter Camp need to be marked
Rural Insurance was contacted last month and Carmen will have Dale come out to take pictures and measure the bldg. to be sure we have enough coverage on bldg. The Town needs to make a inventory list of all tools and contents in bldg. and give a value. Steve states that he will bring his video camera to video al contents. Pam will contact Carmen at Rural to see if Dale has been to town shop yet.
New Business:
Extra Compensation for Clerk and Treasurer was discussed Linda and Pam have put in a minimum of 50 extra hours since February taking care of Tax problems, schedule C, cleaning and organizing filing cabinets. The Board has previously set a rate of $10.00 an hour for extra work. Dennis Willger makes a motion to pay clerk and treasurer for 50 hours at $10.00 an hour. Steve Schultz 2nd. All in favor, motion carried.
Pam is to inquire about cost to have accountant to do the Schedule C next year.
Mike Etycheson would like to widen his driveway due to his semi trailer, there is no permit needed. He will be adding gravel.
Discussion on Clerk Bond, Rural insurance has been contacted regarding Clerk Bond, the price is $170.00 for 2 years for $40,000.00 Steve Schultz made a motion for bond and it was 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor, motion carried.
Steve Schultz would like the board to consider what to do with plow truck before winter. Should we put money into the truck or consider replacing it.
Payment of bills.
Next Meeting date is July 15th, 2013 at 8:00 pm in the town shop.
Meeting Adjourned at 9:28 pm

Paul Toft Chairman ¬¬¬_______________________________________

Pam Gannon Clerk________________________________________


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