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July 8, 2020 July 8th Meeting Minutes

July 8th, 2020
Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order a 7:00 pm by chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed at the town shop and town web page and this is our normal night and time.
Present: Paul Toft, Dave Wellsandt, Pam Gannon and Kathy Willger. Absent Steve Schultz
June meeting mins. Were read by the clerk and accepted as read.
Road Report: Town roads are in good shape. If it rains Clint will grade, if not he will finish mowing.
Gravel was hauled to 12th St, Butternut Lake Rd and Haynies road.
Treasurers report and June bill were given by Treasurer and Clerk. Dave makes a motion to accept the reports and 2nd by Paul, no further discussion all in favor motion carried.
Old Business: Replace 2 walk through doors. The doors and in and Bob McDonald will install.
Black top fire hall parking lot. Haugen as made a decision to go ahead with paving. Total cost is $21,567.00. Monrach Paving will donate $5,000.00 to project. Bringing project cost down to $16,567.00 with Haugen’s portion being $4,141.75 and Bear Lake’s $12,425.25. This will be done when the plant is in Haugen.
Public Appearances: John Tschernach is here asking the board to look for solutions to make drivers aware there is a stop sign ahead on 18th St and Hwy B, as many drivers a not stopping at this intersection and there has been fatalities because of this. John will contact Mark Servi at Barron Cty.
Smith’s Dog license. Pam has turned this over the Barron Cty Animal control officer and we have not yet received payment of rabies certifications. Now in the Cty’s hands.
New Business: Care’s Act sub grant Bear Lake will receive $685.10 to help offset the extra costs for elections due to the COVID 19 health crisis. The Board gives clerk permission to sign the Cares Act agreement.
Master Touch Printing: The County Real Property Listers office has changed how tax bills will be printed and mailed. They have contracted with a company Master Touch Printing who will be printing and mailing personal property and tax statements for 2020. We will need to supply Master Touch Printing a PDF of our dog licensee paperwork and the town letter we normally put in with the tax statements and they will insert 1 copy of each with the tax statement. The first payment for postage will be due prior to the tax statements being sent. With the final bill coming in January of 2021.
Payment of Bills.
Next meeting August 12, 2020 at 7:00 pm
Meeting adjourned at 7:52 pm.
Paul Toft, Chiarman_____________________________________________________________
Pam Gannon, Clerk______________________________________________________________


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