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July 14, 2021 July 14 Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2021 Meeting Minutes; Town of Bear Lake
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed at the Town Hall and on the Town Web Page- this is our regularly scheduled night and time.
Present: Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Dave Wellsandt, Pam Gannon, Kathy Willger and Lisa Blechinger.
Meeting minutes from June 9, 2021 were read by the clerk. Steve made a motion to approved the minutes seconded by Dave- no further discussion and the motion carried.
Public Appearances- none.
Matt Shilts presented land division survey completed for Steve Mechura 2565 13th Street. Certified survey for Mechura to subdivide and parcel out 4.2 acres. Steve made a motion to accept land division- seconded by Dave. No further discussion and the motion carried.
Report on town roads- Clint was not present road report given by Steve.
• Culvert on 14th North of Power Station replaced.
• Culvert on Narrow Guage widened and cleaned out.
• Gravel spread on 13th Street from 26 ½ Ave to end- 27th Ave from 13th Street to 1st driveway
• Clint has one day of mowing left- will start grading now that it rained.
• Discussion of road work on road to Poor Folks- talked about possibly best plan of action may be a thin overlay with soft oil- roll it with a vibrating machine. More discussion to follow.
• Permit and fee received for Steve Herrings driveway.
Preston Pearson COO for Mosaic Broadband agency presented plan for Barron County that would expand fiber optic broadband services in Barron County and requested COVID Grant money that was awarded to Bear Lake Township. The plan would include laying 106 miles of main line fiber construction which would mean 38.1 miles of coverage in Bear Lake Township- bringing high speed internet to homes in areas that are not currently offered high speeds. Preston stated that any home that had fiber line access would not be charged to be connected. Internet, phone and TV would be available through the lines- TV services would be accessed with a fire stick or Roku system. Broadband expansion has the potential to create competition which would benefit residents. Mosiac is submitting a grant that is due by 7/27/21- if they are not awarded the State Grant they would not be accessing Township funds. Steve made a motion for the Chairman to complete and sign a resolution for funds coming to Bear Lake from The American Rescue Plan Act Grant be awarded to Mosiac to install fiber optic line to Bear Lake Residents – which was seconded by Dave. No further discussion- the motion carried.
Treasurers Report:
• July bills read by Kathy. Steve made a motion to approve seconded by Dave.
• American Rescue Plan Act- first half of payment received.
• Tractor Repair- bill being held at this time as Tractor isn’t fixed.
New Business- Hiring new Town Clerk: Dave made a motion to hire Lisa Blechinger as the new town clerk- seconded by Steve and the motion carried. Wages will remain the same at this time- will be reviewed at a later time for discussion. Pam will be paid hourly if needed to help Lisa transition.
WTA Convention- if separate reservations are made for the convention each individual would need their own tax letter to be submitted. The convention isn’t until October- it was decided to wait until August to send in reservations since they are not due until September.
Payment of bills.
Next Meeting August 11, 2021 7 pm
Meeting Adjourned at 8:30 pm

Paul Toft, Chairman ____________________________________________________
Lisa Blechinger, Clerk___________________________________________________


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