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July 13, 2016 July Meeting mins.

July 13, 2016 Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at 8 pm by Chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed at the Town Shop and on the Town Web page.
June 8th meeting minutes were read by the clerk and approved as read.
Public Appearances: Bob Moe is here wondering if a dock can be put in the town road right of way and if so who is responsible if there are accidents. Steve states that it would need to be measured and needs to be 22 feet from center of the road, as an obstruction is a liability for the town. Board will look into this.
Bob Moe also states that they went to the North West Lakes Conference where John Haack, water biologist told them that of all aquatic plants wild rice is good to have. Also states that buoys have been put out to help with the wild rice. Bob states that Boyer Creek are is making a come back. Jim Weber states that they still have a couple of buoys left and could be placed in this area. Paul recommends that they speak with Russ Fell. Steve also states that they put a plan together and to the the DNR to expand the Wild Rice Beds.
Report on town roads: Clint is not here tonight as he has a family commitment.
Dan Peterson from Peterson Tree Service has trimmed trees at Hansons, Raatz, Matthews and Don Dostals.
Notice of approval of Trip funding for 13th st in the amount of $16,512.55 for 2017.
Bids for Crack Sealing: We have received 2 bids, Farnhar and Superior Sealers.
Crack sealing 26the ave from 18th st to 16th st and 30th ave W to Star Lake Rd.
Farhnar is $12,872.20 Superior Sealers $5,031.00 Steve makes a motion to accept Superior Sealers for $5031.00, 2 by Dennis, no further discussion all in favor motion carried. Work to be completed in August.
Treasures report given by Linda, motion made by Steve to accept the report and 2nd by Dennis, no further discussion, motion carried.
June bills were read and approved as paid.

Old Business: Fire Hall Expansion/ Renovation meeting mins. From May 25th were read by Paul. Dennis makes a motion to accept the mins. 2nd by Steve. No further discussion all in favor motion carried.
June 6th Meeting mins, were read by Paul motion made by Steve to accept the mins. 2nd by Dennis no further discussion motion carried.
Liquor License and Operators license were read Steve makes a motion to approve the licenses 2nd by Dennis, no further discussion. Motion carried.
1st reading of the ATV/UTV ordinance read by Paul. Motion is made by Dennis to adopt the ordinance and 2nd by Steve.
Discussion to change the speed limit to 25 mph. also conditions for ATV/UTV on Town of Bear Lake roads were discussed. Steve makes a motion to amend the original ordinance and 2nd by Dennis. No further discussion, all in favor motion carried.
Original motion as ammedned all in favor, Dennis Willger and Paul Toft yes. Steve Schultz NO No further discussion motion carried. 2nd reading will be in August.
Scrub Seal will be done before Spet. 1 2016.
Ramps on the bridges were done but Brad Dostal is not happy with the work and they will be re done at no additional cost to Town of Bear Lake.
Ground Breaking of fire hall is set for July 19th 2016.
New Business: Lake land Co-op form to transfer credit from 2015/2016 prepay to 2016/2017 pre pay. Dennis makes a motion to sign form 2nd by Steve no further discussion motion carried.
New contract with Owen Assessing, as of today we have not received the new contract for review will be on August agenda.
Loan application: Clerk will send May meeting mins as well as fire hall mins to CCF Bank. Paul will contact them regarding 2017 budget.
Progam Filling Pot Holes. Steve makes a motion to sign and send to the Governor Walker, Janet Bewley and Romaine Quinn and WI. Towns. Assoc. 2nd by Dennis, no further discussion all in favor motion carried.
Dave Moin called Paul yesterday and states that he had a call from CTY Clerk stating that she is receiving a lot of calls from people who are ruing the props at the Boat landing due to large rocks. After discussion there will be no changes with the rocks. Steve states that signs have been posted there at different time stating no power loading and they are torn down.
Payment of bills
Next meeting will be August 17th at 8 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 9:16 pm

Paul Toft Chairman _____________________________________________________________________

Pam Gannon, Clerk_____________________________________________________________________


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