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January 11, 2023 Jan 11,2023 Meeting Minutes

Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes 01/11/2023
Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed at the town shop and on the town web page. Members Present: Dave Wellsandt, Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Kathy Willger and Lisa Blechinger.
Meeting minutes from December were read by the clerk. A motion was made by Steve to accept minutes as read- 2nd by Paul no further discussion the motion carried.
Public Appearances None
Road Report- There was a lengthy discussion about turn arounds with all the snow that has fallen turn arounds have shrunk. Throughout December many trees had to be cut down for road access and many hours of plowing were logged the past couple of weeks. The F350 needs new tires- an estimate for both Cooper and Goodyear tires were obtained from Tire City. Paul made a motion to purchase Goodyear tires for the F350- this was seconded by Dave. No further discussion- all in favor the motion the carried. The big plow has too much free play around the front of the truck. Clint had mentioned this to Randy- this is something that needs to be fixed or risk damaging the front of the truck. Randy will investigate fixing this. DEF- Synergy will be dropping off a 55-gallon barrel of DEF and take our empty barrel. There was a cylinder issue on the plow on the F350 that had to be fixed. The yellow tractor backhoe is well on its way to disrepair. Randy stated the town would benefit by replacing this with an articulating wheel loader. He will investigate to see what might be available to replace this.
Treasurer’s Report- Kathy reviewed Money Market Savings and checking account balances and January bills were reviewed as paid.
Old Business- Employee handbook- this will be carried into next month for continued discussion in addition to the code of ethic’s resolution. There are funds available through Barron County for beaver control.
New Business the Township received a refund of $1,813.00 from Rural Mutual on our Workman’s Comp Policy. Steve recommended just adding the premium refund to the budget and not allocating for anything specific right now. The clerk looked into the option of adding towing coverage to our current policies- it would cover that F350 and plow truck for up to one tow annually up to $1,500.00 in towing coverage. Steve made a motion to add towing coverage to our insurance coverage this seconded by Dave. No further discussion- all in favor motion carried. Paul asked if there was a grievance procedure- the clerk will look for this document. Paul also informed us that the Verizon phone that sporadically submits EFT from our checking account may have ended that plan.
Payment of bills.
Next Meeting February 8, 2023
Meeting was adjourned at 8:06 pm.
Paul Toft; Chairman___________________________________________ Date_____________________

Lisa Blechinger, Clerk __________________________________________ Date_____________________


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