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February 8, 2017 February Meeting Mins,

February 8th 2017 Town of Bear Lake Meeting Mins.

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed in the Chronotype, at the town shop and on the town web page.
Members present: Paul Toft, Steve Schultz Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon, absent Dennis Willger
Meeting mins .from January meeting were read by clerk and accepted as presented.
Public Appearances None
Town Road report: Clint states that roads are slippery after yesterday’s rain. States that we have about 20 yards of salt/ sand mixture left.
Brushing along roads: Steve makes a motion to hire Mancl Excavating for 16 hours to help Clint take down leaning and dead trees along the road right of way. 2nd by Paul, no further discussion, motion carried.
Treasurers report given by Linda and report was accepted as presented.
January bills were read as paid and report accepted as presented.
Fred Karpowicz Driveway: Paul will send a letter to Fred stating if $50.00 for driveway permit from 2016 isn’t paid this will be put on his tax roll.
Donn Thomas is here requesting a signature for a variance for the zoning office in Barron Cty. Donn explained that he did some renovation and landscaping at a property he bought on Bear Lake 2 years ago and now is having trouble with the zoning office regarding a patio that he installed. Steve makes a motion to sign variance and is 2nd by Paul no further discussion motion carried.
New Business: Final payment on fire hall. There is still some issues with the final inspection so at this time we will hold on final payment until we have the okay from fire Chief Louis Willger to pay.
Steve makes a motion that the Chairman pay the final payment the okay is given between today and next meeting. 2nd by Paul, no further discussion motion carried.
Lynn’s Honey wagon is asking permission to use town roads during spring ban to service holding tanks and emergency Septic problems. Paul makes a motion to grant permission and 2nd by Steve no further discussion motion carried.
Clerk Report that Clerk self-certification for fire dues is complete. Tobacco License report is complete and form 8038 G was received from IRS and copy sent to Josh at CCF bank.
Payment of bills
Next meeting March 8 at 7 pm. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm
Paul Toft Chairman___________________________________________________________________
Pam Gannon, Clerk___________________________________________________________________


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