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February 25, 2013 February 2013 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order on 2/25/13 at 8:00 pm by Chairman Paul Toft.
Members Present: Paul, Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon
Notice of meeting was placed in Chronotype
Minutes of the January meeting were read by Pam Gannon and accepted as presented.
Special Meeting minutes were read by Pam Gannon and approved as presented.
Road Report: Clint Scribner reports the roads are clear and in good shape right now. The Trcuk was repaired for a wing that was snapped off and is back to town shop. Randy Mancl states that there is more sald/sand mixed.
Paul Toft has talked to Bill Mitnik from Town of Lakeland regarding possible road work and the board will look into this when they do their Spring road check.
Treasures report was given by Linda Wiese and approved as presented.
Old business: Possible sale of tractor. There is a offer for $20,000.00 by Jim Ruel. A motion to sell was made by Dennis Willger and seconded by Steve Schultz, all in favor, motion carried and Paul Toft will contact Jim Ruel.
Public appearance policy was read for a second time by Paul Toft. Motion to accept was made by Steve Schultz, and seconded by Dennis Willger, motion carried.
Public Apperances: Quint Tuffelson request a ATV route extension from Shady Rest to CJ Resort. Mike Greenwold and Quint Tuffelson agree to maintain signs. Jerry Kaczmarek has no problem with the ATV route if it is posted at 10mph the entire route to VV.
Sunset clause designated as Route 3, to be reviewed annually in May.
The trail to boat landing will be open year round and open to CJ resort from May 1, to Oct 31.
Paul Toft will contact Dave Moin to look into signage and to add to trail map.
A motion was made by Steve Schultz to open Trail #3 and seconded by Dennis Willger
New Business: Town is in need of a computer, Steve Schultz has talked to Randy Flach at Eagle Service and has 3 estimates. A motion was made by Dennis Willger to buy a laptop and operating software and printer for clerk, seconded by Paul Toft.
Heaters in the town shop, Don Uchytil will be contacted to look at heaters we currently have and see if one can be installed in the town shop.
Payment of bills
Lake Area Sanitation requests to exceed posted limits, agreement signed
Linda Wiese requests that $50,000.00 be put in a 6 month CD at Community Bank. Board approved.
Annual meeting will be April 9,2013 at 8:00 pm in the town shop.
Linda Wiese will contact Owen Assessing with dates for open book, which will be April 17th from 4pm to 6 pm at the town shop.
Board of review will be May 15m 2013 6pm o 8pm in town shop,
Next scheduled meeting will be March 19, 2013 at 8pm in the town shop,
Meeting adjournded at 9:30 pm by Chairman Paul Toft


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