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February 18, 2014 February 2014 Meeting Minutes

February 18, 2014 Monthly Meeting Town of Bear Lake
Meeting was called to order at 8pm by Chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed in the Rice Lake Chronotype, the Town shop and Town Web Site. Members present Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon. Steve Schultz was not in attendance due to conflict with date.
Reading of January 2014 meeting was read by Pam Gannon and accepted as presented.
Public appearances: None

Road Report: Clint states that the roads are cleared of snow at this time and sanded. The salt/sand supply is looking good, should make it through the season.
Discussion on tires for grater Clint has been checking on prices so far he states that Bills in Colby is the cheapest so far and then Pomps. Paul will get information regarding Michelin Tires and call Clint on Wend.
Dennis Willger makes a motion to authorize Chairman to purchase grater tires at the best price prior to our March meeting. 2nd by Paul Toft all in favor, motion carried.
Discussion on dozer blade. Motion made by Paul Toft to purchase dozer blade from Rousar Welding for $2500.00 or less, motion 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor motion carried.
Some discussion on looking into a new truck in the next couple of years, more discussion next meeting.
Clint states that he is having problems with garbage cans at the end of driveways, he states that homeowners are putting them in the roadway, he tries to avoid them but is becoming difficult with the amount of snow we have this year. He is letting board know there may be some complaints.

Treasurer’s report given by Linda Wiese and accepted as presented. January Bills were read and accepted as presented
Old Business: 2nd reading of Ordinance for fee for town records, 2nd reading for adopting notice of records, 2nd reading of records access, 2nd reading of request form for public records. Dennis makes a motion to accept the 2nd reading of each and 2nd by Paul,all in favor motion carried.
2010 IRS update: After January meeting, Pam sent a letter and copies of the 2010 941’s and W’2 asking for a review of the levy. A letter was received in February stating that the IRS has our request and needs additional 60 days to complete the review.
New Business: Update Ordinance on what bills can be paid by Clerk between meetings. Will discuss at the March meeting.
Traffic Patrol Position with Barron CTY, at this time we will do nothing. Paul will try to attend the Feb. 24 meeting in Barron.
Request from Lake Area Sanitation to exceed seasonal weight limits for public safety reasons. Dennis makes a motion to approve the permit, 2nd by Paul all in favor motion carried.
Training of Hazardous Waste is March 12 in Spooner at the DNR office. Pam will sign Clint up for this training.
Payment of bills
Next meeting – to be determined
Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm


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