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December 8, 2010 December 2010 Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2010. The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Chariperson Paul Toft. The minutes of the November 3, 2010 were read by the clerk. Minutes accepted with corrections. Notice of the meeting was posted in the Rice Lake Chronotype, Town Shop, and town web page. All members present.
Representatives from Dairyland Power were present to request a temporary bridge be built over Sucker Creek. Bridge would consist of steel beams and wooden mats to be built around the end of February 2011. Steve Schultz requested a copy of approval from Barron County and Paul Toft requested that a post with chain or a sign be put up when bridge is not being used. A motion was made by Dennis Willger and was seconded by Steve Schultz to okay the request made by Dairyland Power on the grounds that the above terms are met.
Treasurer?s and road report were given. A motion was made by Steve Schultz and was seconded by Dennis Willger to allow the chairman Paul Toft to write a check not to exceed $10,000 to pay for the truck box. The motion carried. Discussion was also held on the bridge reports. The state is requesting a main bridge tracking sheet be given to county.
Gravel needs were discussed for 2011. Dennis Willger was excused from discussion due to conflict of interest. Randy Mancl presented an invoice in the amount of $14896 for 3800 yards of gravel. The gravel will be crushed and 2 loads will be brought to the shop. Invoice will be paid in equal amounts of $4965 in January & February 2011 with the balance of $4966 to be paid in March 2011.
A motion was made by Steve Schultz and was seconded by Steve Schultz to raise election worker wages to be $10 per hour worked or per hour for required certification classes. They will also be paid mileage to said classes. Paul Toft and Dennis Willger were excused from motion due to conflict of interest.


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