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August 30, 2013 August Meeting Minutes

August 26th 2013 Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes
Meeting was called to order at 8:00 pm by Paul Toft, the meeting notice was in the Chronotype and also posted at town shop.
Members present, Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon.
July Meeting minutes were read by Pam Gannon and approved. Bills read and approved.
Public Appearances None
Town Road Report: Clint states that he has put gravel down on the road by Bill Lux and also Don Kodesh’s.
26th is ready the bridge and culverts are done. More rip rap needs to be put around the culverts. Don Dostal did get old culverts from 26th.
All roads have been graded except by Frambs and one mile on 14th, and road by Matt Isaacs.
The road sign at 18th and 29th ave has been replaced.
Dennis states he has been approached about putting up stop ahead signs on the 26th ave and 17th st.

Crack Sealing 2 bids received: Fahrnar $11,150.00 and Total Asphalt $16,644.00
Steve makes a motion to accept Fahnar’s bid, Dennis second all in favor motion carried.
Bids for 26th needs to be received by Sept. 15. A notice has been placed in Chronotype.
Treasurers report given by Linda . Linda states that our $50,000.00 CD is due, board decided to have that roll over for another 6 months. Treasurers report accepted as presented
Old Business: Mary Vinopal asks to have 25 feet of road abandoned at 17 ¾ ST. Mary wants to go up with her cabin and needs to go to Barron CTY for a variance.
Motion by Steve Schultz to abandon 25 feet of road at 17 ¾ provided that Mary Vinopal receives variance she is requesting. 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor motion carried.
Parking at boat landing, Bob Moe has sent authorization to replace 3 signs, motion made by Dennis Willger and 2nd by Steve Schultz, all in favor motion carried.
Update on Federal Taxes, Pam will wait until January to check with IRS regarding the levy.
Credit Card update: John Miller Assistant Vice President at Dairy State contacted Linda letting her know about the past due charges. Linda explained the situation. Elan wants a letter of exactly what happened. Linda has written the letter and needs to been signed by Paul and Linda and given to John Miller at Dairy State . Motion by Steve to sign the letter to Elan Credit Card Services to close act. 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor motion carried.
Mike Perry Driveway permit, Mike has paid his $25.00 fee for permit and the driveway is in.
New Business: C Schedule. Discussion to have C Schedule prepared by Clifton Larson Allyn for the 2013 fiscal year. Motion made by Steve and 2nd by Dennis Willger, all in favor motion carried.
Dennis will talk to Don Uchytil about putting heater in meeting room.
Payment of bills.
Next meeting will be Tues. Sept. 10th at 8:00 pm
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm


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