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August 18, 2015 August Meeting Minutes

August 18th 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes Town of Bear Lake

Meeting was called to order at 8pm by Supervisor Steve Schultz. Meeting was noticed in the Chronotype, at the Town Shop, Chairman’s home and on the town web page. Members presents, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Pam Gannon and Linda Wiese. Absent Paul Toft.

Meeting mints. From the July 8th 2015 meeting were read by the clerk and approved as read.
Public appearance’s: None
Report on Town Roads: Clint states that the tubes on 13th have been replaced. He states that a cold mix should be put over the culverts due to traffic on this stretch of road. This was agreed upon with the board and Clint will be doing this.
Gravel has been added on the 13th St. by the horse arena.
Board recommends that Clint grade the less traveled roads and dead end roads and add gravel.
Clint states that he has some road work signs from the CTY that we can have, they are the type that fold up. He will need to purchase 2 stands for them.
Susan Thompson is concerned about the road signs at Butternut acres, it is agreed that the road signs should be on the Public road and not the private road. Clint will be taking care of moving the signs that are on the private road to the public road.
Town Bridges: The DOT did an inspection of Town Bridges. Bridge #1 18th St. over Little Bear Creek, recommendations that the rock dam be cleared and one of the timber caps is hollow and split. Bridge #2 17th St. over Little Bear Creek, recommendations to paint the outside girders and repair approaches.
Bridge #3 26th over Little Bear Creek, recommendations, clear blockage in upstream channel and wedge both approaches. Remove electric fence that is on the bridge to a post. (Bridge #3 is good as of last fall when paving was complete.)
Bridge #4, 16th St Over Little Bear Creek, Recommendations, clear the debris. (Bridge #4 was cleared and fence put in front of culverts this spring)

Treasurer’s report was given by Linda and accepted as presented. Linda states that the CD is going to mature and it is will renew. Board agrees.
July bills were read as paid and approved as read.
Old Business: Exit lights, Steve has talked to Beranek Electric and we are still on the list.
Discussion on new truck, will continue to look into options.
GAB Report, Pam received a notice back from GAB on July 17th and our action plan has been accepted. Clint will paint the lines and put up handicapped signs. We will look into a smaller table where the Election workers sit to give us more room for the handicapped table and privacy issues.
Steve makes a motion for Clerk to purchase items needed to meet GAB handicapped accessibility rules and regulations, 2nd by Dennis, no further discussion, all in favor motion carried.
Implements of Husbandry will be put on Sept. agenda to take actions on.
New Business: Jacob Gerlach holding tank agreement, Motion is made by Dennis for Chairman to sign the holding tank agreement for Jacob Gerlach, 2nd by Steve, all in favor motion carried.
Wayne Brenholdt Town of Prairie Lake is requesting information on our guidelines for mowing. Pam will contact Mr. Brenholdt letting him know that we do not have any guidelines in place.
Set date for BOR, Move to authorize by Steve for the chairman to set date and time for BOR, 2nd by Dennis, all in favor motion carried.
1st reading of the Resolution 70.47 for procedure for Sworn Telephone or Sworn written testimony requests for BOR.
Payment of bills.
Next meeting September 9th at 8pm.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 pm.
Paul Toft, Chairman_____________________________________________________________________________

Pam Gannon, Clerk_______________________________________________________________________


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