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August 11, 2021 August 11 Meeting Minutes

August 11, 2021 Town of Bear Lake Meeting Mins.
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by chairman Paul Toft.
Meeting was noticed at the town shop, on the town web page and this is our regular scheduled night and time.
Present: Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Dave Wellsandt, Lisa Blechinger and Kathy Willger
Meeting mins. From July 2021 meeting were read by the clerk. Paul makes a motion to accept the mins. 2nd by Dave no further discussion motion carried.
Town Road report: Mowing is done- grading 24th currently will likely continue grading for a few more months. Poor Folks Road it will be $58 a ton for the cold surfacing material- a drum roller vibrates and spreads it out. It is estimated to cost $9,500.00. A motion was made to approve the cost for this by Steve- it was seconded by Dave motion carried. Culvert on 14th Ave and one on Narrow gauge that still need to be replaced- Clint will check out the bad spots.
Treasure’s report and July bills were read by Kathy and Dave makes a motion to accept the reports 2nd by Paul, no further discussion motion carried.
Old Business: Tractor repair- currently no balance due at Baribeau Implement. Paul will call Joe at Baribeau about the current bill. Discussed looking at possibility of selling current tractor and buying one with 2600 hours.
New Business: Towns Convention in October. Registration is due by 9-21-2021- Lisa can send all of the registrations in together- this will be carried over to September agenda. Mosaic Broadband Resolution- Mosaic should know some time in August if they were awarded the State Grant. Steve made a motion supporting the joint venture it was seconded by Dave- no further discussion motion carried.
29 ½ Ave Petition of neighborhood group to get the road blacktopped and fiber optic lines laid. The mosaic plan if it moves forward should meet the request to have fiber optic line trenched in. Steve talked to the group about costs associated with blacktopping which are simply too cost prohibitive for the Town Board to absorb.
Alan Gabriel presented a proposal requesting initially that the Town share the cost of blacktopping 800 feet of town road in front of his home. He stated he would front the funds and request that he be reimbursed a portion at some point in the future. Paul stated making future agreements is problematic for many reasons. Discussion continued and Mr. Gabriel changed his position to request that if he paid for the full costs if the Town would maintain the road. At this point if he chooses to blacktop 800 feet in front of his home it would be a donation to the township.
In relation to the petition from the residents on 29 ½ Steve has talked to several homeowners that live on SS that have been impacted by the increased traffic on the Tuscobia State Trail which has created noise/dust issues for homeowners that live near that trail. Dave asked about cold mix- it doesn’t harden up and is not cheaper than blacktop. Calcium chloride as an option to help keep dust down can damage waterways. Discussed pros and cons of each- this will be put in next months agenda.
Paul had requested that Lisa Blechinger draft a letter for the Town Board to sign about the changes to accessing emergency funding through the Wisconsin Disaster Fund to be sent to the Governor, Representative Dave Armstrong, and Senator Janet Bewley requesting that these be changed legislatively back to more community friendly timelines. The Barron County Services Declaration was signed to be sent back to Barron County Office of Emergency Services. Steve made a motion to sign and send these documents seconded by Dave no further discussion motion carried.
Synergy pre-pay contract filled out to be sent back for next year- it was decided to pre-buy 800 gallons at $1.46 per gallon. Paul made a motion to approve this- seconded by Dave no further discussion motion carried.
Kathy Willger has received emails from Sara Summerfeld Master Touch LLC for tax statement preparation. This is a necessary expense that the Town of Bear Lake has approved.
Clint Scribner asked Lisa Blechinger if she had received a bill from Fabick- she had not. He stated that it should be coming in the mail and to keep an eye out for it.
Payment of bills
Next meeting September 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm
Paul Toft, Chairman___________________________________________________________
Lisa Blechinger, Clerk___________________________________________________________


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