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August 11, 2010 August 2010 Minutes

The regular monthly board meeting was called to order by Chariperson Paul Toft. The minutes of the July 13, 2010 meeting were read by the clerk. Minutes approved as read. Notice of the meeting was posted in the Rice Lake Chronotype and Town Shop. All members present.
Public appearances were made by Judith Espeseth and Sharon Millerman. They commented on their positions in the upcoming election. Helga and Debra Lenhart were also present with concerns on their road – 26th Avenue & 12 5/8 Street.
Treasurer’s and road reports were given. A motion was made by Steve Schultz to roll over the CD coming due on August 16, 2010. The motion was seconded by Dennis Willger and was carried. A second cd with a maturity date of September 12, 2010 will be withdrawn at that time to help with the road pavement bill received from Monarch Paving. A driveway permit was submitted by the Barron Co Horse Trail Association.
Fencing concerns from Donnie Dostal presented at the July meeting were again discussed. Fencing not finished so it was determined that the NW corner will have to be done by the September meeting or Steve Schultz and Paul Toft will have the fencing hired out. Dennis Willger will be excused from involvement due to conflict of interest.
Barron Co Humane Society and Animal Control would like to be able to collect dog license fees from anyone who adopts. A resolution was read and will be read again at the September meeting.
A request was made by Dairyland Power to build a retaining wall around a rubber mat at the bottom of a pole that was being put in. Paul Toft signed the agreement as it was before the meeting. A motion was made by Dennis Willger to okay Pual’s signature on the agreement to grant road right of way access to the barrier wall being istalled. Steve Schultz seconded the motion and the motion was carried.
A machine shed on 29th Avenue was discussed. Building inspector Jim Heldstab believes that it should have had a building permit and one was not obtained by owners. Town Assessor Kelly Owen will be contacted by Linda Weise to send a letter requesting visual inspection. Final determination on need for building permit will be made at a later date after inspection.
Residents, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Furlott were present after a claim was filed for vehicle damage on a town maintained road. A motion was made by Steve Schultz and was seconded by Dennis Willger to deny the claim. The motion was carried. Rural Insurance adjuster had inspected the road and they have also denied due to road construction conditions and normal wear and tear issues. The next step of legal proceedings was presented to the home owners by Paul Toft.


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