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April 8, 2008 2007 Annual Meeting Minutes

The annual town meeting was called to order by Chairperson Paul Toft at 8:00pm in the meeting room of the town shop. The minutes of the April 10, 2007 meeting were read by the clerk. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read by Bob Moe and was seconded by Louis Willger. The minutes were approved as read.
Treasurers and road report were given. 2007 Financial report was reviewed. A motion was made by Fran Miller and was seconded by Jerry Kazmarek to accept the financial report. The motion was carried.
Road work was discussed. Road review will be performed and crack sealing and chip sealing will be done where necessary. TRIP Fund applied for paving 1 mile on 29 Avenue.
Louis Willger gave report on the Fire Department for 2007.
o 24 Members with 7 of them being new this year
o 16 calls including four mutual aids 2 to Birchwood and 2 to Rice Lake, 3 structural, 1 chimney, 2 grass fires, a dumpster fire and a pontoon fire.
o FEMA grant was applied for to get 16 new air packs
o Agreement with Village of Haugen was brought up to date. Contract lasting 5 years with auto renewal.
Chuck Schultz gave report on the First Responders for 2007.
o 6 Members
o 52 runs (36 medical and 16 accidents) with aid in Bear Lake, Haugen, Oak Grove, Stanfold and Cedar Lake
Bob Moe gave a report on condition of Bear Lake. Having problems with Chinese Mystery Snails and curly Pond grass. Further discussion will be held at the Bear Lake Association annual Meeting on June 14, 2008.
A gun safe was purchased for the town shop for town records.
Raises were discussed for board members. Raises have not been implemented in 5 years. A motion was made by Tom Votruba and was seconded by Bob Moe to allow raises beginning in 2009 in the amounts of:
o Chairperson - $500 ($2800 to $3300)
o Supervisors - $500 ($1700 to $2200)
o Treasurer - $1500 ($4000 to $5500)
o Clerk - $2500 ($5500 to $8000)
The annual meeting for 2009 will be the 2nd Tuesday of April, that being April 14, 2009.
A motion was made by Sue Votruba and was seconded by Jerry Kazmarek to adjourn the meeting. Motion was carried.
Jennifer Dostal, Clerk


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