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April 16, 2013 April 2013 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting Town of Bear Lake April 16, 2013
Called to order by Chairman Paul Toft at 8:03 pm. Meeting was set last year and notice was published in the Chronotype.
Present: Jerry Kaczmareck, Evelyn Snobl, Ed Snobl, Fran Miller Louis Willger Randy Mancl Clint Scribner Marc Schwanke, Paul Toft Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon
Meeting minutes from 2011 were read by Pam Gannon. We were unable to find the 2012 minutes from previous clerk Jennifer Dostal.
Financial report for 2012 was reviewed and amended. A motion was made by Fran Miller to accept and 2nd by Evelyn Snobl, all in favor, motion carried.
Road Report: No hard surface replacement is planned for 2013. We will be crack sealing and wide surface crack sealing as well as gravel.
Need to look in to our dead end road for proper turn arounds to be made for grator and as well as fire protection.
No major project for this year.
Trip Money was for 24th Ave and we received $17,000.00 but a total of $90,000.00 was spent on blacktop.
Trimming of trees on the Narrow Gauge and 29 ½ and 29 ¼ .
For 2014 we are looking to do 29th from the Main Camp to Winter Camp.

Fire Department report was given by Louis Willger. Currently there are 24 members
In 2012 they had 87 runs, 13 Fire calls, and one grain bin rescue. 1 house fire, 6 grass fires, 1 car fire 1 CO2, 2 mutual aid one with Rice Lake and one with Birchwood 1 1022.
Fire Dept received a grant from AG Star for $2,500.00 to preform traing on a grain bin resuce. On May 1 and May 4 2013 additional training will be given. Bear Lake Haugen will be working with the Rice Lake Fire Dept. with this training.
The Fire Dept. went through a lot of training this past year. We had a lot of schooling in saftey officers due to a OSHA Audit, but everything is up to regulation at this time.
Louis Willger gave a report on the first responders:
Currently there are 13 members and this year they had 74 runs. 14 car accidents, 56 calls for people who were sick or fell. 2 ATV accidents and 2 Extrications.
The Town Board is working on a ordinance to destroy old town records .
Next Annual Town Meeting will be the 3rd Tuesday in April, which will be April 15, 2014 at 8pm in the Town shop.
Motion to adjourn was made by Fran Miller and 2nd by Evelyn Snobl, all in favor and motion was carried.
Pam Gannon Clerk


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