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April 16, 2013 April Meeting Minutes

April 16th 2013 Town of Bear Lake Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by Chairman Paul Toft at 7.03 pm Members present: Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Dennis Willger, Linda Wiese and Pam Gannon.
Meeting Notice was placed in the Rice Lake Chronotype and bulletin board.
Public Appearance: Jerry Kaxznarek questions the signage for new ATV Route #3. Board will pay attention to this and be sure the speed limits signs are posted after the frost is out of the ground.
Road Report: Town roads are wet. Two weeks ago Paul Toft talked to Randy Mancl about cutting trees along the Narrow Gauge Rd and 17 ½ and 29 ¼ Ave. Pursuant to a year ago the board giving Paul Toft authority to spend up to $5,000.00 without board meeting. Motion to approve Chairman’s actions, Motion to approve 1st by Steve Schultz and 2nd by Dennis Willger Motion carried.
Paul Toft states that it will take at least another $5000.00 to continue this project an additional $5000.00 approved by board. Steve Schultz will talk to Mr. Subart and Jim Sockness about blowing the chips into their ditches.
Paul Toft talked to Paul Dirk about next year possibly doing the boy scout area from the main camp to winter camp.
17th street and HWY B Stop ahead sign is tipped. 26th Ave has a bit hole near John Nielsens residence.
Treasurer’s report was presented by Linda Wiese. Paul would like a running balance of Road expense this would include Clint’s wages, taxes, insurance and fuel. Linda will get a report together for this.
Old Business: Change in contract with Owen Assessing. Linda will call Kelly and have Jack bring a updated contact to Open Book.
Ordinance to destroy old town records is being worked on.
New Business: Garbage pickup for the town shop. Independent gave a quote of $50.00 biweekly for a 2 yard dumpster. Allied Waste 6 month contract 2 yard dumpster $65.26. C AND C disposal 1 ½ yard dumpster $39.00 every other week. Decided to try garbage cans and see how that goes. Pam will contact C and C disposal.
Road Tour : Will plan this when the weather gets better and a notice will be posted.
Jim Webers gate: Town truck got stuck and when trying o\to pull it out the truck slipped and went into Jims gate. Jim Weber will be contacted to new lock and town will reimburse him.
Taking a break at 8:00pm for Annual meeting.
Regular meeting back in session at 8:46 pm after annual meeting finished.
New Business: Camp Philips will be looking for a permit for sewage
Building Permits: William and Bea Evans 28 17 ¾ and an inspection of Matt Isaac’s.
Replacement costs of the edge machines and it they are covered under out insurance policy. Pam will contact Larry at Command Central and Carmen at Rural ins.
Payment of bills
Next meeting date is May 15th at 8:00 pm following the Board of Review which will be 6pm to 8 pm in the town shop.
Meeting adjourned at 9:04 pm


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