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September 16, 2014 Monthly Meeting Minutes Town of Bear Lake
Meeting was called to order at 8pm by Chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed in the Rice Lake Chronotype, at the Town Shop and on the Town Web Page.
Members Presents, Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Dennis Willger, Pam Gannon and Linda Wiese.
Meeting Minutes from the August 19th meeting were read by Clerk and accepted as presented.
Public Appearances: Nick and Barb Bergeson and Mary Vinopal, on the agenda a little later.
Town Road Report: Clint states that he is mowing ditches, Paul asks that he make another pass on 26 ½ and 12th st.
Clint states that the truck needs to go to Rousars for a few repairs before winter.
25th has not been shouldered yet, and board has decided against sawing this stretch. Monarch will be getting to the shouldering soon.
Order Sand from Work Horse for this winter, Clint will contact Corey.
Treasures report given by treasurer and accepted as presented. August bills were read and accepted as paid.
Old Business: None
New Business: Holding tank agreement with Nick and Barb Bergeson at the old Fisher Boat Factory location. Dennis makes a motion to sign agreement, Steve 2nd motion, no further discussion, motion carried.
Road Abandonment for Mary Vinopal. Mary will contact a Lawyer for legal reasons and also contact all neighbors within a half mile of her home. The Attorney will make a draft for Bear Lake to abandon 25 feet of road. This will be on next months agenda, Mary will let us know how far she gets in the paper work.
Voting, Chief Inspector. Steve makes a motion to have 3 Chief inspectors trained for future elections, Dennis 2nd, no further discussion, motion carried.
Payment of bills
Next meeting Oct. 21, 2014 at 8pm
Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm

Paul Toft Chairman_____________________________________________________________________

Pam Gannon Clerk______________________________________________________________________


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