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May 13, 2015 Meeting Minutes of Town of Bear Lake
Meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairman Paul Toft. Meeting was noticed in the Rice Lake Chronotype and at the Town Shop.
Members present: Paul Toft, Dennis Willger, Steve Schultz, Pam Gannon and Linda Wiese
Meeting minutes from the April 8 meeting were read by the clerk and accepted as read.
Public Appearances: None
Town Road Report: Clint has been hauling gravel to 30th Ave and the Narrow Gauge.
Beavers: Randy has pulled out beaver dams from Sucker Creek and also by Al Gabriels. Screens were purchased and placed in culverts after they were cleaned out.
Clint will finish Culverts next week if the weather permits.
Road Tour report: A new culvert on 12th ave and widen where the new road meets. A stop sign needed at Houstons, 12 ½ gravel. Lake 30 boat landing graded and will need gravel. Culvert on 13th by Randy Hansons will be looking at the culvert and what material is needed there.
Dig Boils on the 14th and ditch, replace tube on 26th by Brian Dostal.
Chip sealing 2 miles of 17th st.
Possible crack sealing on one mile of 15th. Steve and Clint will take a second look at this stretch.
24th Ave Clean out tubes and seed ditches near Don Uchytil’s.
The dip on 17th St. near Dean Hansons has been patched and Clint will contact Brad Dostal about a better repair there. Gravel Butternut road and gravel at Bob Moes.
Road Ban on Narrow Gauge: Larry from Mashak Logging is asking permission to go from Osterbauers South to haul out logs, this is approved. Paul and Steve will make tress in the road right away on Narrow Gauge and Larry will take down when working in the area.
Treasures report given by Linda and April bills were read as paid, Steve makes a motion to accept the reports, 2nd by Dennis all in favor motion carried.
Old Business: Exit Lights, Steve has been in contact with Beranek Electric, currently they are very busy but will be in contact with Steve to come to shop and give estimate.
New Business : Mark and Kay Koxlien are looking for a permit for a rooming house from the County, State and Health Dept. Need a conditional use form signed by board to move forward. Steve makes a motion to approve the request, Dennis 2nd, all in favor motion carried.
Review drive way permit form. Currently a new driveway needs to have a new culvert and a $50.00 permit. Question is raised about replacement culverts and temporary driveway’s. The Permit will be re written and Steve will bring back ordiance to next meeting.
Board of Review: Meeting to bring BOR to adjourn to a later date will be June 10, at 6:55 pm.
Next Meeting June 10, at 7pm
Payment of bills.
Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm
Paul Toft, Chairman_______________________________________________________

Pam Gannon, Clerk_______________________________________________________


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