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Town of Bear Lake Meeting Minutes 04/12/2023

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm by chairperson Paul Toft. The meeting was noticed at the town shop and on the town web page. Members Present: Dave Wellsandt, Paul Toft, Steve Schultz, Kathy Willger and Lisa Blechinger.

Meeting minutes from March were read by the clerk. A motion was made by Paul to accept minutes as read- 2nd by Dave no further discussion the motion carried.

Public Appearances: Josh Brust CSM- he brought to the township a driveway permit request and CSM. Steve made a motion to approve the CSM this was 2nd by Dave. No further discussion- the motion carries. Paul signed off on this document. Josh paid the $50 driveway permit fee in cash to the Treasurer.

Road Report- The decision was made to keep plow on for now. Randy found ashes and nails on the horse trail by the entrance to Kelly Lake. Steve recommended that he call Barron County to find out if that is something they are responsible for. There is a meeting at the Barron County Highway Department on 04/27/23- Randy and Paul can both attend this. Randy wondered if the wash bay at the new building could be used by townships to clean their equipment- he will inquire about this. Steve received a call from a homeowner who reported asphalt that was hooked by the plow that is now missing from the last storm. Patching material was discussed- Randy to follow up with Barron County to obtain what is needed to fix that missing asphalt. Paul stopped by Duffy’s in person last month talked to make sure that they knew where to send the bill. One of the big doors needs to be replaced- obtaining bids at this time as well as estimate for a lean to.

Treasurer’s Report- Kathy reviewed Money Market Savings and checking account balances and March bills were reviewed as paid. Steve made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report- this was 2nd by Dave no further discussion- all in favor the motion carried. The Clerk gave the Treasurer a patronage check from Synergy for $169.81 that needs to be deposited.

Old Business- Employee handbook- the board has had the opportunity to review the employee handbook that the clerk drafted in January. Steve made a motion to adopt the Employee Handbook to be reviewed now as well as annually with review date in October. Dave 2nd this- there were no further questions the motion carries.

The discussion continues about 2 houses on 29 ¼ and plowing. Paul stated he put a note on the door of one of the properties but has not heard back. He had the phone number but has lost track of it. Randy will find the house numbers in question.

Board of Review Training- Paul and Steve will both attend the webinar on 5/1/23.

New Business- The Election Security plan was updated with the correct Bear Lake/Haugen Fire Department address. Dave made a motion to adopt the election security plan- this was 2nd by Steve. No further discussion the motion carries.

There is a 2023 Election Security Subgrant of $600 that can be applied for to be used to set up a .gov email address. Steve made a motion for the clerk to apply for the 2023 election security sub grant and contact Eagle Services to set up a .gov email address box for the Town- this was 2nd by Dave no further discussion motion carries. Preparing to have the awning installed- discussed concrete that will need to be arranged for. Paul made a motion to replace the shop toilet with a comfort height model this was 2nd by Dave no further discussion motion carried.

Mitigation plan- Scott from the LE Phillips Scout Reservation in Bear Lake Township brought forward an emergency warning siren plan. At any given time, there could be upwards of 500 campers from not only Wisconsin- but from other states as well. Mike Judy could initiate the siren at the County level. Steve made a motion to include the Boy Scout Camp mitigation plan with ours to Barron County- this was seconded by Dave no further discussion the motion carries. The clerk will complete this plan and mail back to Barron County.

Payment of bills.

Next Meeting May 10, 2023
Meeting was adjourned at 8:12 pm.

Paul Toft; Chairman___________________________________________ Date_____________________

Lisa Blechinger, Clerk __________________________________________ Date_____________________


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